Villagers are the mod's main attraction. They can have a Female or Male skin. Currently there are 210 skins including females, males, and children. Each of those skins has a "Sleeping" skin, bringing the count to 420.

Types of VillagersEdit

  1. Farmer
  2. Miner
  3. Guard
  4. Priest
  5. Child (can only spawn if you right click with one of the spawn eggs onto another villager, giving married villagers a cake, going to the priest and adopting a child, or by procreating with a villager with a close relation.)
  6. Baker
  7. Butcher
  8. Librarian
  9. Smith
  10. Warrior

Becoming Close to a VillagerEdit

You must interact with the villager by right clicking him/her, and then clicking the "interaction" button. Choosing the right action increases a villager's "hearts", or how much they like you. Some interactions may make him/her dislike you.


"Marriage is a bounding ritual to demonstrate your love to your chosen one" ~unknown

In MCA you may chose a villager that you are very close to and marry him/her. There is just one requirement to fulfil:

  • The chosen villager must have 5 gold hearts above their head.

Now follow the steps to go through the marriage:

  1. You need to find and craft a Engagement ring then the Wedding ring . (This requires some gold or rose gold, and a diamond for the engagement ring.)
  2. Go to your chosen one and gift him/her the ring via right-clicking on the person then going to the "interaction" button. Click the "Gift" option.
  3. While holding the ring in your hand, right click again on the villager you have chosen to give it to them.
3a. If you used the Engagement Ring, then on the day you get married, other villagers will give you gifts. You will click on them, pulling up their menu, and see a little present under the part that tells you if they are married or not. You can click on it and get your gift.
3b. If you used the Wedding Ring, you're now married! :D


There are 2 ways to have Kids:

  • "Procreate" with your spouse.</li>
  • Adopt from a Priest/Priestess (Cleric).</li> Both will either give you Baby Boy or a Baby Girl Next step is waiting for it to grow up; this takes 24 minecraft hours. After you receive a notification that "Your baby is ready to grow up", right-click the ground while holding the baby. You will then be able to see the baby become a child.


    It is the act of separating with your spouse, meaning removing the "Husband/Wife" tag and being able to re-marry to him/her or to another villager.

    After you have married a villager, you may choose to Divorce him/her.

    1. Go to a priest
    2. click "Divorce"
    3. Finished! You are now divorced!


    • You can choose which Villager gender you prefer to marry when you first start a world with the mod.

    Known BugsEdit

    1. Spawning a Villager, seeing a entity that looks like a "human" or "steve", and then crashing


    Changing your forge version into a recommended version