Add chemistry to your minecraft world. Craft machines that decompose minecraft items into elements and molecules. Use the microscope to discover new molecular structures. Operate the Chemical Synthesis Machine to turn elements back into items. Turn your coal, sugar or even spider eyes into diamonds!

Source: Minecraft forum thread

Chemistry Turtle - Only Works if ComputerCraft is InstalledEdit

The chemistry turtle will help you with your chemical production line. To craft the Chemistry upgrade you need an atomic manipulator surrounded by redstone.

The chemistry turtle comes with the following methods. Don't forget to call peripheral.wrap(side).

Chemical and Machine InteractionEdit

Chemical interaction:

  • getChemicalName get the chemical name of the chemical in the selected slot.
  • getChemicalFormula get the chemical formula of the molecule in the selected slot.
  • getChemicalsAsTable get the components of a molecule in the form of a table.
  • getAtomicMass get the atomic mass of the element in the selected slot.
  • getRadiactivity get the radioactivity level of the element in the selected slot.
  • getTicksUntilDecay get the number of ticks before the element in the selected slot will decay.
  • storeSynthesisRecipe get the synthesis recipe of the item in the selected slot and store it to RAM.
  • clearSynthesisRecipe clear the stored synthesis recipe from RAM.

Machine interaction:

  • placeSynthesisRecipe place the stored synthesis recipe in a synthesis machine in front of the turtle.
  • putEmptyTestTube put the empty test tube in the selected slot into a machine in front.
  • takeEmptyTestTube take an empty test tube from the machine in front.
  • takeOutput take an item from the output slot of the machine in front.
  • putInput put the item in the selected slot into the input slot of the machine in front.
  • takeFusionStar take the fusion star out of the fusion chamber in front.
  • putFusionStar put a fusion star or nether star into the fusion chamber in front.
  • takeJournal take the journal out of the synthesis machine or microscope in front.
  • putJournal put the journal in the selected slot into the machine in front.
  • getMachineState get a string describing the current state of the machine in front.

The turtle can also wait for an event


which will return when an element in the turtle's inventory decays with the name of the element before decay, the name of the element after decay and the damage the decay would have done.


Atomic ManipulatorEdit

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