Well, if you have lost bot your spouse AND child, you can do 1 of two things.

1. Use the Villager editor and recreate your spouse, procreate, and recreate your child. If you get the wrong gender, put the baby in the creative menu and switch for the opposite gender. I've tried it, it works. You will need to rename them to the name you want.

2. Find a new family. 

3. Use the staff of life. 

If you lost just your spouse, use the Villager editor. You can recreate them.

If you lost your child in any of these ways, you can follow these directions if you wish:

Lost the baby boy/girl- Go to a priest and select give up child.

Child killed- You know what comes next. Just make sure you have the Villager Editor.

Child wandered away- Use the Whistle from the creative menu.

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