I'm only going to explain the basic achievements, starting from the bottom to the top:

Quite the charmer: Get a villager's hearts to 100 or above

Gettin' hitched: Get married to a villager

It's a boy/It's a girl: Have a baby of that gender

They grow up so fast: Raise your baby into a kid

Free Labor: Have your kid plow 100 blocks of land

Gotta catch 'em all: Have your kid catch 100 fish

Lumberjack: Have your kid cut down 100 blocks of wood

Infiniminer: Have your kid mine 300 blocks

Friend of nature: Have your kid tame 100 animals

Natural born killer: Have your kid kill 100 animals

Full grown man (or woman): Grow your kid into an adult

Armed to the teeth: Fully equip your adult kid with armor and a weapon

Personal bodygaurd: I'm not sure, I haven't gotten it yet

Marrying them off: Marry your kid off to another villager

Grandparent: Become a grandparent

Old as dirt: Become a great-grandparent

Older than dirt: Become a great-great-grandparent

What's your secret: Become a great-great-great-grandparent

I will avenge you: Again, I don't know

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